Value Additions

Our Value Additions include a series of activities for all the individual streams to provide a holistic form of training for our students.

Free Practise Time on Instruments :
value-additions Students who do not posses their own instruments can always come for regular practise sessions at our centres and comfortably enjoy practising on our instruments for free.
Yearly Scholarships :
value-additions Scholarships are provided to students who are regular with their classes and maintain a constant progress in class and provided with a yearly performance certificate and a scholarship of 25% concession on their monthly fees for a minimum of 6 months.
Live shows :
value-additions Students are prepared for live shows organized by tarang, twice in a year, during summer and winter.

Students are given a platform to showcase their talent and prove their worth. therefore, we at tarang do not wait for a student to master the art, than putting them up on stage even at an early stage to encourage their interest and passion in them.
Cover up Classes :
value-additionsCover up classes are provided to our students from the multiple options available, as we feel that student can miss a class for various reasons such as health, emergencies and urgent issues, exams, holidays with families etc, which is a very natural.

Therefore, cover up classes should be provided to them so that their regularity is not broken and they can eventually cope up with what has been missed.
Special Attention :
value-additions Special attention is provided to our students to prepare them for any family and school/college/office functions, where t arang provides special attention by its teachers, to prepare the students for the same, without any extra charge.
Music, Dance Workshops and Presentations :
value-additions Music and dance workshops are conducted by leading professionals from the country and abroad for free, to provide our students a varied exposure in the field of contemporary western music and dance.
Events :
event Tarang has successfully ventured into events. Starting from workshops on Zumba to Western dance to Western music, Tarang is ready to help the society to stay fit and fine.
Instrument and Equipment Store :
value-additions Tarang will have displays of music instruments and equipment at its centers from various leading stores with the quality and precision as a benchmark. These stores will help students in buying the right instrument and equipment guided by their faculty members also eradicate the pain of travelling to buy a single instrument as well as get handsome discounts on buying their favourite instrument.
Magazine :
Filled with information about recent trends in dance and music, latest events and even celebrity interviews, the magazine is the latest addition to the Tarang’s family.
It helps the budding musicians and dancers and guides them to the world of performing arts. The magazine also has inspiring interviews of students who have succeeded to make a mark in their own lives.

- Garima Nayar

In 6 months tarang has encouraged me a lot in learning the guitar constructively


- Rahul Surana

In these 14 years tarang has given me what I wanted to do with music


- Udisha Agarwal

In the 8 years that I have spent at tarang, I have nurtured my love for dancing to the fullest and thrived in the individual attention given